Why Primval ?

A child’s intelligence is stimulated at a very early age during the first years at school. Over and beyond the reflexes and mechanisms needed for day-to-day life, a child structures his knowledge by trying to understand the world around him or her.

To give pupils a more concrete idea of how numbers are constructed and how to carry out operations, several teachers already use graphical representations for single numbers, tens and hundreds. Pupils draw and play with these objects to represent the simplest of operations such as additions and subtractions.

Countries such as Singapore have gone a long way in this field with proven results. The success tablet computers have enjoyed with children has enabled publishers to develop fun applications based on games. However, these uncoordinated applications are not designed as a coherent learning course on numbers and calculations. Evalutel has successfully developed a series of products with programmes for Mathematics, Physics and English which cover every curriculum from the first form at secondary school to the sixth form when pupils take their school-leaving certificate (A-levels / High-School Diploma).

The specificity of the Evalutel Method is the detailed continuous follow-up and assessment of each pupil who has access to complete lesson content, exercises and problems which are progressively corrected and marked.

The competence we have acquired through the production and distribution of these learning products has enabled us to extend our educational know-how and fun approach to primary school programmes. That is why the name we have given to the Evalutel collection for primary education is PRIMVAL. The first product covers calculations and geometry for the first three grades CP (Preparatory Class) CE1 (First Elementary Class) CE2 (Second Elementary Class).

The Primval characters

  • Metrolog

    The main Primval

  • Diamond

    Reward for correct answers

  • Validus

    The person who validates your answers.

Method and Tools

Primval teaches children how to make calculations by starting with the smallest whole numbers and progressively going up to 999. This first Primval software covers addition, subtraction and the enumeration of successive whole number groups, (skipping over numbers in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s). The basis of the calculations are made practical by short lessons and active exercises called Badix. These activities use fun objects which are easy to manipulate. They represent single numbers, tens and hundreds. Each activity using these tools is then carried out in parallel on the blackboard and transferred to the Solution. Using these tools helps a child to understand the use of a zero and the meaning of carried numbers in additions and subtractions.

Three chapters are devoted to geometry. The pupil can use the basic tools which can be manipulated with one finger: point, lettering, pencil, rubber, ruler, set-square, graduated compass, a palette of colours. The main exercises involve drawing triangles, quadrilaterals, rectangles and squares. One exercise involves lining up a row of points. Several exercises use the compass to draw circles or to measure lengths. The radius and the diameter of a circle are introduced together with its main properties.

Primval applies the Evalutel method. Every exercise is corrected step by step after the second mistake or if the child cannot find the answer. The mark obtained is shown as the child works through the exercise. The marks obtained are saved for each chapter and in detail. This provides instant feedback on the child’s level. In most of the exercises, the data is chosen at random which means that the child can do the exercise again and again with new data. The time spent and the marks obtained are shown on Primval’s main screen. The Primval application is available with iOS and Android. . It is meant for primary school pupils in the Preparatory class, the 1st and 2nd elementary classes..


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